To apply download the application below or contact the Mount Kato Office for an application and more information 507-625-3363.


  • Food & Beverage
    This department provides opportunities for young and old a like. Daytime positions provide the perfect opportunity for homemakers/retirees to earn extra cash. Those in high school & college can work after school and on weekends. Jobs include preparing food such as hamburgers/fries/pizza, helping to keep kitchen area clean and cashiering.
    We are looking for weekday, weeknight and weekend help.

    Ski Lifts at Mount Kato

  • Lift Operations
    If you like to work outdoors, this is the position for you. We encourage anyone 18 years and older to consider working as a lift attendant. This position allows direct involvement with our customers by assisting them to load and unload on the lifts. You'll learn the lifts operations procedures and be asked to maintain the loading and unloading ramps. For anyone ages 18 and above operator positions are available.
    We are looking for weekday, weeknight and weekend help.
  • Rental Operation
    This department is a great starting position for 18 and older. You'll learn customer service skills that will be invaluable to you in the future. An energetic employee can quickly work up the ladder from assisting customers in boot selection to handing out skis or snowboards to working on the Tech Bench.
    We are looking for weekday, weeknight and weekend help.
  • Tech Shop
  • Ticket Sales/Office
  • Ski & Ride School
  • Volunteer Ski/Snowboard Patrol
  • Paid Patrol
  • Snowmaking (experience helpful)
    This department is responsible for the production of snow. Working outside and performing various duties in relation to our snowmaking system. Anyone with an understanding of basic mechanics and is able to multi-task.
  • Janitors
    The goal of this team is to keep the restrooms clean, and stocked with towels, toilet paper, hand soap.
    Other duties
    Keep the entrances to buildings clean inside and out.
    Clean windows inside and outside, mirrors, ceilings, walls, doors, floors, tables, and chairs
    Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop floors
    Empty trash cans in and around the buildings
    Replace burned out light bulbs
    Make sure that we have enough trash cans and that they are placed in areas that are easy for customers to use in and around buildings
    Shovel the walkways, patios and bridges around the chalets. Salt or sand the outside pedestrian areas when it's slippery.
    Join the team that keeps the Mount clean!