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WHY Is Ski & Board Tuning Important?

The answer is quite simple – because you’ll have much more fun on the slopes afterwards.

It’s easy to explain why.

Less energy needed and lower risk of accidents

Professional edge grinding ensures uncompromising grip even in icy slope conditions.
This saves energy and increases safety.

Easier to turn and glide

Optimum structured base ensures the perfect „turning moment” and smooth easy gliding in all snow conditions. Together they create a feeling on the slopes which you’ll never want to be without again!

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Tech Shop

Lowest Prices | Easy | Convenient

When was the last time you had your equipment waxed or sharpened? If you have to think about it, its been too long. A well tuned snowboard or pair of skis is essential to get the most out of your lift pass! Let our certified shop technicians make your base look like new again and edges sharp as you like. Just leave your skis or board with us and they’ll be ready the next time you’re out.  It’s just easy and convenient!