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Mount Kato

Just a mile south of Mankato, Minnesota. Nestled in the valleys created by the confluence of the Le Sueur, Blue Earth, and Minnesota rivers, making great terrain for… skiing, snowboarding, tubing, & mountain biking

19 Trails
Terrain Parks
Snow Tubing Park
3 Double Chairs
5 Quad Chairs
2 Conveyor Lifts

Mount Kato
Tubing Park Little Beaver Timberwolf Trail Wolf Chute Wolf Ridge Big Brave Brave Chute Little Brave Wild Deer Eagle Ridge Sundance Sleepy Hollow Birch Coulee Birch Pass Big Hawk Ridge Little Forest Sleepy Creek Little Crow Tommahawk Chute Big Bear Rental Shop Main Chalet Ticket Office & Guest Services Locker Room / Ski Patrol Snowsports Bell Tower Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled Area Not Patrolled. Area Not Patrolled.

Tubing Park

Our Snow Tubing Park has four lanes and is serviced by a conveyor lift.
Don’t miss our Glow Tubing Nights.

Little Beaver

Little Beaver is where the majority of our Learning Center programs take place. There is a fenced off learning area that includes the conveyor lift. A great place for our guest not quite ready for riding the lifts.

Timberwolf Trail

Looking for the easiest way down from the top or returning from the lifts in the back? Timberwolf Trail is what you want.

Wolf Chute

One of our narrow chutes, Wolf Chute descends quickly from skier’s right on Wolf Ridge and merges with Timberwolf Trail.

Wolf Ridge

Part of our racing program area, Wolf Ridge is open to everyone most of the time. Nastar and Midwest Race League along with all the youth racing programs do use this run and it’s starting tower, so be aware of any race activities that may be taking place.

Big Brave

Popular with our more advanced guests, Big Brave is the center piece of our north facing slopes. A great place to watch the action is from The Lift Bar & Grill sun deck.

Brave Chute

This chute is a great place to show off your advanced skills.

Little Brave

Located under Lift #1, Little Brave is another advanced run that is steep and fast. The farthest west of our steep central slopes, Little Brave is a great run when we have fresh powder.

Wild Deer

Our north facing slopes begin to mellow as we move to the west, Wild Deer is the perfect pitch to feel like you are flying down the slopes.

Eagle Ridge

A mellow run with a steep knoll in the center, Eagle Ridge is a great place to be on a sunny day.


This is where the wild tricks get launched, Sundance is the main terrain park on the north slope. The big jump near the end of the run is where the park riders tend to display their skills

Sleepy Hollow

Birch Coulee

Birch Pass

Big Hawk Ridge

Little Forest

Sleepy Creek

Little Crow

Tommahawk Chute

Tommahawk Chute

Looking for a little adrenalin rush? Tommahawk Chute may be what you are looking for. This is a narrow chute that drops down from Big Bear and intersects with Sleepy Hollow/ Little Crow. Experts Only.

Big Bear

Big Bear is a favorite with many of our regulars. It starts out mellow then drops over a steep knowl with a mellow runout at the end. Big Bear is serviced by Lift Seven.

Rental Shop

If you need to rent equipment for skiing or snowboarding our rental shop will have what you are looking for.

Main Chalet

The Chalet is located at the base of Big Brave near Lifts Two & Three.
The Tech Shop, Snowsports Learning Center, Food Court and The Lift Bar & Grill are located in the Chalet, as are the public restrooms.

Ticket Office & Guest Services

The Ticket Office and Guest Service are located in the brown wood frame structure next to the Main Chalet.

Locker Room / Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol and our seasonal lockers are located in the first building, right in front of Lift #1.

Snowsports Bell Tower

Mount Kato Snowsports lessons meet at the bell tower next to lift #4.
The Snowsports Learning Center and Office are located in the Main Chalet

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled.

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Area Not Patrolled.

Off Trail Areas Are Not Patrolled.

Kids On Lifts

Mount Kato and the NSAA view using and riding chair lifts in a responsible manner as one of the primary safety considerations for all skiers and boarders. A skier’s behavior has as much or more to do with the safety of the sport as does any piece of equipment from helmet to chair lift.

In 2012, the website and the initiative as a whole debuted around the country to resorts and consumers. This site contains FAQ’s and safety tips on how to load, ride and unload responsilby, general skiing and riding tips, coloring pages for kids, public service announcements and more.   The tagline “No Horsing Around” is a motto we hope to ingrain in not only children but every skier and boarder. 

Midwest Race League

An adult recreational series geared for people of any ability. Thursday Night League is for adults age 18 and older with teams of up to 10 racers. No racing experience is necessary, but you must be able to ski or snowboard. 

League Schedule

League races begin January 6 and end on February 24. The first night starts at 6:30pm with an organizational meeting, followed by the race at 7:00pm. All 7 races will count towards league awards and championship placement. The last week also consists of race league awards and final registration for the championship race.

MRL Race Registration Fee

Age 18 & Older $100 by Nov. 30th then $115 after

For Information On Mount Kato’s NASTAR Race Program For All Ages:


Race DatesStart Times
January 6thMeeting At 6:00 | Registration | Practice Night
January 13thRace Starts At 7:00 pm
January 20thRace Starts At 7:00 pm
January 27thRace Starts At 7:00 pm
February 3thRace Starts At 7:00 pm
February 10thRaces Start At 7:00 pm 
February 17thRaces Start At 7:00 pm 
February 24thRaces Start At 7:00 pm | Awards Following Race

2021 | Mount Kato Midwest Race League | Results

Midwest Regime 45.18  49.48 50.06 56.63 53.08   201.35
We Ain’t Bad 43.73 50.2 53.63 39.96 49.79   187.52
Thirsty Beavers  43.57 44.12  39.71 47.32 41.29   174.72
Nicollet Bike & Ski 35.91 41.31 30.18 42.32 44.5   149.72
Mangy Bastards  18.09 33.09 40.37 36.58 47.79   128.13
Buddies 19.27  19.86 23.7323.73  28.16   125.49
Nooobs 19.19 10.89 22.71 20.69 29.46  112.82 

2020 | Mount Kato Midwest Race League | Results

Mount Kato | Race League        
Midwest Regime  53.86 56.2 51.86 54.46 54.88 50.08 54.88376.22
We Ain’t Bad 44.61 47.71 41.3251.26 46.19 50.80 51.00332.89
Mangy Bastards 47.87  27.64 40.4847.02  46.75 32.65 48.43 290.84
Nicollet Bike & Ski 36.15  41.33 37.66 36.40 38.9043.64  34.53 268.61
 Nooobs 34.95 35.19 36.24 38.70 39.49 33.69 37.93256.19
Thirsty Beavers 34.10 43.53 40.30 29.71 26.2128.95 38.20 241.00
Buddies 9.21 34.46 13.74 22.58 31.66 DNS 22.61  134.26
Turtle Grand Prix5.36 17.58 13.84 15.31 20.03 20.75 17.59 110.46

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7


2019 | Mount Kato Midwest Race League | Results

Team Points

Team WK 1WK 2WK 3WK 4WK 5WK 6WK 7Total
Mount Kato | Race League         
Midwest Regime 40.63 40.96 52.62 43.95 46.36 31.99 25.6250.12
We Ain’t Bad 39.2840.927.2935.6138.8350.5754.74236.65
Mangy Bastards 32.61 37.101 42.85 35.64 40.13 35.05 38.12226.451
Nooobs 26.531.69 28.89 33.25 40.2429.00  31.34191.91
Buddies 30.66 25.61 4.16 11.55 13.25 15.52 18.61 103.84
Rapid Butts 10.75 18.812.61  17.94 20.05 19.55 21.6191.77

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5

2018 | Mount Kato Midwest Race League | Results

Team Points

TeamRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Total
Midwest Regime45.7656.5458.67 51.48 42.24 52.12 306.81
Ubangee Death Squad37.151.2244.1141.67  51.15 50.17  275.42
Rapid Butt22.6732.9433.4137.52 21.16 26.73  178.51
Buddies23.1418.2918.83 29.03 40.30 35.48   165.07

Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6

Racing Development Team

Giving young skiers and ski racers an opportunity to develop and improve their skills through participation in a quality program that emphasizes safety, fun and skill development. Our developmental team program challenges each athlete to do their best while maintaining the enjoyment of skiing. The skills gained through this program can help individuals build a healthy active lifestyle while participating in a life long sport.

9 week program for the 7-18 year old (age as of Sept. 1st).

Starts in December. Racers must be able to ride the ski lift unassisted.
Lift Tickets and Rentals not included.

Program Hours 
Ages 7-18 Saturday ONLY purchased by Nov 30th. Sat. 9:30-12:30$325
Ages 7-18 with three practices purchased by Nov 30th.  Tues. & Thurs. 6:00-7:30 & Sat. 9:30-12:30$425  


The success of the Mankato D-Team is dependent upon a volunteer community.

The Mankato D-Team, Mount Kato home race and Family Fun Races are all worked by volunteers. Volunteer sign-ups are managed through the Shutterfly site.


Practices Days

Tuesday & Thursday (if registered for weekdays)

6:00 – 7:30 pm practice


9:30a – 12:30p  practice

Practice Expectations


Race Days

Typical Race Day Schedule

8:30 amCheck -in at registration Purchase lift ticket
9:00 amMeet with coaches & inspect slalom course
10 :00 amTwo slalom runs
LunchAfter both slalom runs complete
1 2:30 pmMeet with coaches & inspect giant slalom course
1:00 pmTwo giant slalom runs
4:00 pmAward ceremony . Please stay if you can to support your team mates

What to Bring on Race Day 

  • Helmet & Goggles
  • Skis
  • Boots
  • Poles
  • Jacket & Snow pants
  • Gloves/ Mittens & Neck Gator
  • Safety pins or duct tape for attaching race number
  • Team Race Bib (optional)
  • GS suit (optional)
  • Hand & foot warmers
  • Camera/ Video Camera (optional)
  • Lunch or money for lunch

Ski racing is a winter weather sport. It is rare that a race is cancelled, so plan accordingly.


Keeping In Touch

The D-Team’s Shutterfly site will be the main source of communication for team members . All parents need to sign up!

If you have a Shutterfly account, sign in with the account login .

If you do not have a Shutterfly account, you will need to create an account to sign in.

When requesting membership, please indicate your child’s name.

After membership acknowledgement…
(this may take 1-2 days)

  1. Click on Roster tab
  2. Enter information for your participant on the D-Team